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Welcome to my work!

Here's a quick rundown of some bits I've been up to.

For a full rundown, check out my about page.


Our Common Voice (WIP) | Omnibus Theatre

A work in progress sharing which has been developed this year of a choose-your-own adventure story exploring class, the idea of voice and how we as a society contribute to stereotypical narratives through a subversion of the George and the Dragon story. 

HARPOCRATES (or, how to run away quietly) | Short Film

A short film written and performed by myself in collaboration with Hal from ChewBoy surrounding how we try to escape the noise in our heads. Created on a residency week at Hawkwood CTF - check them out!

Who Ate All the Pies? | Recreate Agency

A walking audio experience around the Isle of Dogs aimed at families to celebrate the history of the area and to uncover a mystery around who ate all the pies. I was a commissioned writer and voice actor for the project, and it should be available soon!

these words that'll linger like ghosts till the day i drop down dead | Pleasance Theatre 

My ORIGINALS playwriting longlisted play ran at The Pleasance for 2 weeks in June 2023 to a string of five and four star reviews! 

ChewBoy Filming | Edinburgh Fringe

At this year's fringe, we filmed over 80 shows, artists and projects ranging from comedians such as Jack Whitehall and Simon Amstell to award-winning theatre shows such as Bitter Lemons, An Oak Tree, Dugsi Dayz and more! 

Adopt a Playwright Award 

I won the 2023 Adopt a Playwright Award which will see me write a brand-new, large scale full-length play for a reading at teh Criterion Theatre in April 2024! My play Wrinkle explores the cyclical nature of generational divide through the lens of a local hero in a working-class rural village. 


Museum of Bad Vibes | BBC Sounds 

Audio series exploring how artefacts in Britain's museums had purpose and significance before being put on display. Hanna Adan releases the restless spirits within to ask: should they be returned home? Commissioned by BBC Audio Labs.

CALIGARI | Edinburgh Fringe x New Diorama | Untapped Award Winner

A play I wrote featuring actor-musicians, inspired by the 1920's German Expressionist horror, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Winner of the Untapped Award 2022, the play was performed at New Diorama and Underbelly, Edinburgh Fringe.

THE PRANG | Bristol Old Vic Theatre School | Short Film

20-minute short-film I wrote, commissioned by Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2021. 

7 friends are graduating, and leaving Bristol forever. But their dreams of adulthood quickly become nightmares at their final party. 

VOLCANO | Lion and Unicorn Theatre

Co-writer of a play exploring one man's one night odyssey through London. 

Produced at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre by Proforca Theatre.

ChewFest | Multi-Arts Festival

Week-long festival produced by myself and ChewBoy Productions at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre in May 2022, showcasing new artists across the UK in multiple art forms.

these words that'll linger like ghosts till the day i drop down dead
Rehearsed Reading | Riverside Studios

Rehearsed reading of a new play of mine at Riverside Studios as part of Bitesize Festival. The play is due to have it's world premiere at Pleasance London 2023


DJ Bazzer's Year 6 Disco
Golden Goose, Riverside Studios, NSDF
OFFIE Company Ensemble Winner / Standing Ovation Award Nomination

A play I wrote exploring what happens to childhood dreams if we let them run away. 

TETHERED | Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Alma Tavern
London Pub Theatre Awards - Innovative Play Winner 2021

Two actors attempt to put on a play - one needs it to be perfect, the other's fallen out of love with it. Written and performed by myself at the Lion and Unicorn Theatre with ChewBoy Productions.

The Zizz
Living Records Festival

A commissioned short film I wrote and starred in for Living Records Festival.

The Waters of Brygstow | Unreal Estates

A commissioned Bristol-based project examining ideas of home. For it, I wrote a 5 part narrative poem in collaboration with visual artist Steve Burden

For a full rundown of my past work from 2017 - 2022, check out my about page

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